Welcome to the Skramz WikiEdit

If you're here, one of the following applies:

  • You're a person who loves La Dispute , especially "Such Small Hands", and are looking for similar artists
  • You love Underoath and Bring Me the Horizon and heard that another name for screamo is skramz
  • You were searching for the rapper and ended up here by accident
  • You mashed your face on the keyboard and "skramz" was put into the search bar
  • You know what skramz is and are looking for new music
  • You really have no idea
  • Your name is D.J. Coonradt and the first two bullets apply to you somehow EXACTLY
  • To troll by adding popular metalcore bands

What the fuck is this?Edit

The idea behind this site is to have a place where people can discover music and learn about bands that you won't find at your local Hot Topic or Warped Tour .

Use this site to find new bands, downloads of bands you already know, to let it be known that your band exists, or to do something when you're bored.

Anyone is welcome to add or edit any information, it's a community project, but please be mature and serious about it by making pages readable and not vandalizing.

If you see your band on here and wish the download links to be removed, let us know and we shall do so.

All music is available here:

Files are not named for browsing, as it makes it easier to not have the files taken down. Refer to the files in the folders for guidence.

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Emo-Violence Emo
Power-Violence Grindcore

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