NEIL perry

Neil Perry was a screamo band from New Jersey formed 1998 by former members of You And I and Red All Over . They issued a slew of releases, with forty tracks at their demise. These forty songs were released on a discography 2xCD entitled Lineage Situation by Level-Plane records. Bonus material with this included a 35 minute video of live shows, tour footage, and various other scraps of footage compiled during the band's span. Neil Perry split up in 2002.

Neil Perry was:

Josh Jakubowski – Guitar/Vocals

Chris Smith – Guitar/Vocals

Jon Marinari – Bass/Vocals

Justin Graves - Drums

Members went on to, or were involved with, Hot Cross , The Now , Superstitions Of The Sky , Joshua Fit For Battle , You And I, Welcome The Plague Year , Track Of Monarchs , A Life Once Lost , Interpol etc.

Neil Perry was a character in the 80's movie, Dead Poet's Society.



Jam Songs [2002]:

A Lineage Solution [2002]:


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