Anton bordman

Description from Insound: “Anton Bordman plays frantic, chaotic emo-thrash-hardcore that pulses and hums with vibrant energy and political outrage; aggressive, intelligent, and entertaining. The covers are hand screened in 3 colors, and the inserts feature lyrics and explanations. Very nice.” and from “Dude! These guys are so cool. I would take this any day over that soul-less shit like Daughters. Anton Boardman is 2 crazies making insane noisy hardcore. Bass and drums, and it sounds like the work of more than a pair. Shit, Pg99 required 8 mo’fo’s to generate their noise, and hear is AB rockin’ out with a mere deux!

There are 8 songs on here, and they run the gamut of spasticated hardcore to, well more spasticated hardcore. Pour early Combatwounded, Angel Hair and Hail Mary through a funnel and you get a musical splodge of emo violence. Everything is played fast and erratically, with both chaps taking on the roll of screaming and hollering. They are even gracious enough to include song explanations (one of my favourite things a band can do with their inserts). The stuff is personal/political and makes for interesting reading. I seem to recall a similar level of attention to detail in their previous release. Anyways, be sure you read through what they have written as you’ll probably nod your head and relate to some of it.

This is a good record. This is a hardcore record. Certain people will want to hear this and read the stuff that comes with it. Most people probably won’t. “


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