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1099 - "Machine! Fire! Ghost!"

1099 is an instrumental band from Trondheim, Norway. The band consists of four members; Kristian (guitar), Thomas (drums), Anders (guitar), and Lars-Erik (bass). 1099 has released two EPs so far. “Machine! Fire! Ghost!” was released in August 2008 and “Any Day Now” was released in November 2009. Both are available as free downloads at

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"Machine! Fire! Ghost!":

"Any Day Now":

Editor's Notes: Lovely band. Your typical post-rock with unbelievable build-ups and shocking instrumentation. Post-rock, oftentimes, can be brutally boring. There are bands that build-up and stop that just make you cringe. 1099, although, have bone crushing climaxes at the end of their build-ups, making the time spent listening to them worth it all the while.

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